Distance Learning

Covid-19 has affected all of us, including teachers and students. 

The unfortunate reality is that many teachers are being forced to go to even greater lengths to keep students engaged in a virtual-learning setting. 

Enter….Andy Harris. 

I am a voice over actor, impressionist and comedian, and if you are an educator, I would like to do my part to make your life easier. 

I will provide “video lessons” for you to drop into your virtual lesson plans, in character, to help you keep your students engaged and entertained.  

Imagine it…

“Emperor Palpatine” teaching Geometry! 

“Matthew McConaughey” teaching Physics!

“Goofy” teaching long division!

“Dr. Fauci” explaining the circulatory system!

Tell me which of the various celebrity and animated characters you’d like to “teach” your students, I’ll try to make it happen. Check out the tweets below to hear a few of the impressions I can do for your students. 

A Quick List Of Voices I Can Do

-Matthew McConaughey

-Sam Elliott

-Stand Up Comedian John Mulaney

-Dr. Fauci

-Joe Exotic (Tiger King)

-Emperor Palpatine (Star Wars)


-Mickey Mouse


-Barney The Dinosaur

-Kermit The Frog



-Tony Soprano 


-Bill Clinton

-George W. Bush

-Various accents and “character voices”

….and I specialize in improvisation. 


So, basically, you send me a “lesson” for me to voice as a character (usually a minute or two), I make a video, send it back to you, and you embed it right there in your lesson. 

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Shoot me an email and we’ll get this thing going. 


or just find me on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/THEAndyHarris

Let’s do this!

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